About Us

A Few Words
About Us

We focus on research and development-driven consultancy.

We provide strategic advisory services and policy support to our clients: International aid & donor bodies, CSRs, Think tanks, NGOs, Governments

We aim at strengthening program & intervention designs by conducting needs assessments, formative research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) studies

We develop methodologies while bearing in mind partner constraint

We develop and pilot survey questionnaires

Operationalise large scale evaluations and data collection

We collect, clean & analyze high quality data from the grassroots level to ensure the relevance and reliability of the conclusions

Our work

Our team at GK Research Foundation is focused on creating social impact through data.

We strive to improve the social outcomes of partner programs, enable setting up monitoring mechanisms, and help track impact.

At GK Research Foundation, our researchers take a step back and focus on improving the quality of data by making it representative of the targeted beneficiaries, reliable, and accurate.

We jump in from day zero, bringing robust data from the ground, informed by field insights. We believe that our field missions are about uncovering stories behind the numbers- qualitative with quantitative.

 We are set out to develop tools for the Impact assessment of Robotics labs and Digital classrooms in the Satya Bharti Schools of Delhi and Punjab. These tools would be used for capturing growth in students’ coding and programming skills along with the development of life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration. This would also be efficient in capturing the effect on teachers using digital content for teaching and learning purposes.

What we do

Our approach puts the respondent at the center of research. We are adept at using different research tools to understand ground-level needs and inform a new or an ongoing program. Among others, these include

  • Psychometric tools
    • Including color cards 
  • Activity-based games 
    • To triangulate responses
  • Human-centred design approach & content testing
    • Showcards, images
  • Game theory to assess risk-taking 
  • Behavioural change campaigns
    • Limericks, text, audio/visual content with better recall, word-association 

There can be a big difference between what works in theory and what works on the ground. 

Based on our developmental sector experience in India and other Southeast Asian countries, we understand the ground-level realities and can guide you to figure out the externalities of your research design – positive and negative.

Our goal is to help our partners

  • Devise solutions, pilot them, tweak or change them entirely, before the social intervention is set up or scaled
  • Set up measures in place for periodic check-ins
  • Deriving and promoting a rubric for Data Quality. Documenting learning from the field through our “Cautionary Tales.”
  • Empowering our partners to put measures in place for quality control measures 

The development sector prides itself on evidence-driven decision making, but the idea for what makes for robust evidence is questionable and evolving. 

We are champions of good data collection in India, working to educate and build demand for stronger evidence in the sector.